Tuesday, October 05, 2010

276/365 - Math Homework

Who doesn't remember how to determine the slope of a line?

10.10.05 - Math Homework

Don't remember?

Hint - You have to Rise before you Run.

And one of my favorite equations is: y=mx+b *

I keep repeating that to Erica. At first she thought I was nuts, but now it's starting to sink in.

* I have another favorite equation - care to guess? I'll post my answer tomorrow.


Lee Currie 9:34 PM  

I read that and got chills. Fortunately (or not) I was able to drop math after grade 9. The downside? I'm useless helping my kids with homework!

McKay Family 11:11 PM  

I too love slope! The students I tutor think I am crazy. Would it be a^2+b^2=c^2???

Janine 9:48 AM  

Sounds familiar....my vote is for a2+b2=c2, pythagorean theorem, Sarah reviewed this one several weeks ago!

shirley 10:07 AM  

OK, it's not Pythagorean theorem, although that is a very good guess.

It is an equation I learned in Chemistry. Janine, you should know this one!

Anonymous 4:29 AM  

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